Since 1970, Michael Shwedick has introduced America to the fascinating world of reptiles. One of America’s leading reptile wildlife educators, Michael’s program has educated and entertained more than 15,000 audiences from Miami to Boston. More than 100,000 people a year experience Reptile World. Featured in magazines like National Geographic WORLD and in hundreds of newspaper articles throughout the country, Michael instills marvelous respect for both reptiles and his audiences.

The Reptile World program was designed to give audiences the opportunity to meet an interesting selection of live, large, colorful, and gentle reptiles from all over the world. Audiences enjoy discovering what reptiles are, what makes them different from birds and mammals, and how important they are in our environment. Many of the myths and misconceptions are dispelled, instilling a greater appreciation and understanding of these fascinating reptiles.

Reptile World programs aim to increase student awareness to our natural world, encourage them to be curious, and make a special connection between them and these incredibly beautiful reptiles.

Reptile World programs tell a story of kindness and respect, to not be afraid of those who are different than us, and ultimately encourages us to be better stewards of our wildlife and planet.

Some of the reptiles included in the program include:

  • A beautiful, prehistoric looking Alligator Snapping Turtle
  • An amazing tropical lizard from South America or Africa
  • An American or Chinese Alligator
  • An African or Asian Crocodile
  • The brightly colored Mexican Milksnake
  • A young adult Boa Constrictor or Anaconda
  • A beautiful Indian rock python; and Several other fascinating snakes.

“Through the years, Michael, you have been among the very best of all the attractions we have presented. Your unfailing humanity shines through in a performance of flawless drama and incomparable education. Adults, as well as children, learn from your program – about the “Reptile World” – and also some good lessons about life.”