Buy Modafinil (Provigil) Online

Health and wellness are essential elements for a happy life. Therefore, the primary mission of any online pharmacy is to improve customers’ quality of life by helping them be healthy. All the medications you’ll find in these pharmacies such as Modafinil are purchased directly from the manufacturers, which allow offering them at a more affordable price. In addition, there is a discount program that helps you accumulate bonuses and use them in your next Modafinil orders.

Vaishali Pharmacy
Address: 3147 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60623, United States | Phone: (773) 521-7422 | Website:

The people there are really lovely to work with and, for the most part, will do everything they can to help the customers. Most customers don’t understand things and will blame it on the workers for their lack of knowledge. Some customers will try to act innocent when they are in self-checkouts and steal items, making the workers feel like it’s their fault that they got caught. Everyone in the cashier and the CSMs are lovely and enjoy walking in there to say hi!

Congratulations to this Vaishali Pharmacy for being the worst in town. I’ve been a long-time pharmacy loyalist but now going across the street to Walgreens. Prescriptions are never ready when they say, only filled when you walk in or only started when you pull up to the drive-thru. Store Restrooms are disgusting, trash cans outside overflowing, even the OTC meds are completely bare. I would not recommend this store to anyone for online Modafinil purchasing.

Local Health Pharmacy
Address: 2545 W Diversey Ave Ste 104, Chicago, IL 60647, United States | Phone: (773) 673-5493 | Website:

Nikki is very polite, very patient, and understanding, and if you are hospitalized, guess what, Mrs. Nikki will be calling to check in on you as well as with any new Dr, and any new maintenance meds you have. She goes above and beyond to help you with your recovery needs diabetic shoes. It’s a one-stop shop. It’s bigger than what you think the office has. Another side full of medical supplies, she’s awesome. My mom ordered Provigil pills. She’s a blessing.

Worst experience ever with an executive pharmacist. I would be fired had I treated my customers in the manner I was. My husband is fresh out of the hospital after 10 weeks. I didn’t deserve that, nor would anyone. We all work hard, but we are human to people. Choose another Pharmacy, not Local Health Pharmacy.

Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy and Health Center
Address: 845 N Michigan Ave # 902W, Chicago, IL 60611, United States | Phone: (312) 280-1220 | Website:

The owner’s Isaac use is very good. I am extremely satisfied with the whole process of creating a new account, the website explaining how to use a prescription, and the ordering process!! It took a while to get the order being that I am a first-time customer. I will most definitely be a returning customer!! Modafinil prices are unbelievable considering what I would’ve had to pay in my country, especially for Modafinil: exceptional customer support and quick response to answered questions.

Every time I come to pick up my prescriptions, I’m waiting in the drive-thru line for a very long time to be drive-thru. Currently, I’m going on 10mins with 3 cars ahead of me and 2 behind me. No movement at all since I got into line. I would never recommend this Carnegie Sargent’s Pharmacy and Health Center. Update: 20 mins and I’m still not at the window.

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
Address: 2313 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States | Phone: (773) 360-8595 | Website:

This is the most wonderful experience in a pharmacy I have EVER HAD! The techs and the pharmacist are always ready to answer questions and help in any way possible! Friendly is not in their vocabulary because they are just phenomenal! Donnelle, Kendra, Stacy, and Cierra are the best! Thanks to all of you for such a wonderful experience, and that is why I drive 45 minutes to buy Modafinil and just to see you all! Love you all, and thank you all for all you do!!!

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy lied about the arrival time of refill, and as a result, I do not have Modafinil before we fly out of state. I specifically told the tech on the phone why I needed it by this time and was assured it would be ready. The tech today said I should not have been told that. Other prescriptions have been filled very slowly, even days later, unless I went in and waited for them. Take your business elsewhere.